Wonder Woman Review. DC Comics has the movie that any of its characters deserve

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Review by Camilo Bohórquez (@cabobe).  Translation from Spanish language by Sandra Milena Ríos (@sandritamrios)

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“I used to want to save the world, this beautiful place. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within. I learnt this the hard way, a long, long time ago”.


Beyond reactions we had with Batman V Superman, one of the great scenes and success aspects from this movie was the fact of watching together the DC’s Trinity on big screen for first time.

Superman and Batman are movie stars for a long time ago, but this is the first time we see Wonder Woman on cinema. Although the idea received harsh criticism at the beginning, few scenes were enough to bring silence and demonstrate that Gal Gadot was the correct actress to represent this beloved character on the new group of movies based on DC Comics characters, even for some moviegoers Gadot could shine more than Batman and Superman, ironically.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, the female director of the acclaimed Monsters – who was at the point of directing “Thor: The Dark World” from Marvel Studios, but was replaced by Alan Taylor due to some differences with the studio -, this is a movie that tells the origins of this character, where we know where she comes from and which has been her path to be the great warrior we watched on Batman V Superman and we also know because of comics, animated series and all the TV programs. Although we feel a little bit boring with all origin stories around superhero movies, Patty Jenkins gets a kind of fresh film with a good proposal. It is the movie that this character, fans but specially Warner Bros. and DC Comics needed and deserved.

One of the big challenges of this production was clarify the path for all the universe of movies that Warner Bros. has planned to make with DC Comics. Although Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad worked really well in the box office and audience accepted the characters, stories didn’t work equally. Some decisions in the screenplay negatively impacted to these movies to the point that was necessary to rethink the concept for next productions. In fact, audience and critics had divided opinions and DC future on cinema was questioned. Fortunately, Wonder Woman gets to clear away the doubts and send a message of calm. The film works, has a good approach and, although this is another origin story, it takes some risks that have given identity to this film and fans can appreciate that.

On Wonder Woman we know Diana, a little girl who is born thanks to the power of god Zeus and lives in Themyscira Island, a hidden and remote place from the rest of humanity that is inhabited just for Amazons; a strong, brave and warrior women who live in this faraway place when they lost their faith for humans. Diana is trained for being the best warrior just in case a war is provoked by their enemy, Ares. During World War I the military Steve Trevor arrives in Themyscira when he was escaping. There, he meets Diana and tells to everyone the horrors humans are living in. Despite Amazons have vowed no further interference in the affairs of Man, Diana decides to help him in order to accomplish a mission that can save millions of lives and end the armed conflict.

Film has great characters, Amazons’ universe is very striking and we can see them as a strong and thriving civilization. Steve Trevor is also a great and brave soldier whom we want to see more, and the war universe gives us other good characters who matter us, although some of them are only simple accompanying ones in Diana and Trevor path. Where Wonder Woman hesitates is with villains because they don’t have a great background beyond winning the war at all cost and just being the bad boys, although there is a good and surprising shift with one of them, however, it is a recurring problem in almost all superhero movies. The good thing, we have here the beautiful and powerful Diana character.

Audience can be amazed with Diana thanks the way as her character has been developed and the correct performance by Gal Gadot. Diana is curious and very innocent woman who takes the adventure to know the world beyond Themyscira. She has strong beliefs and that is the reason of her strength, bravery and courage. It is really a spellbinding character, a symbol of female empowerment, a woman who gives love and protection, who is real and has insecurities and fears, but at the same time is a clever and daring warrior who struggles for her ideals. Diana has a strong heart and is very strong in combat.

The direction is excellent, the film has good action scenes and there is a great job with cinematography and all design of production. In fact, they are one of the great aspects of Wonder Woman because they contrast, perfectly, the idyllic and magic world of Themyscira with the dark and devastating atmosphere in Europe during World War I. As the majority of the film happens in this conflicting world, another good aspect is the way how this production shows us the cruelty of war. Yes, it is a superhero film and not a war one, but Wonder Woman is not afraid of being really close to that hostile world. Production knows its limits but it can be as dark as realistic about that topic, by using the naive Diana’s eyes, who had never known a world different from her heavenly Themyscira. We can see the meaning of a war for all parts involved in the conflict as well as the consequences like death, destruction and desolation.

Wonder Woman has more virtues than defects and credits should be given to its female director. Wonder Woman is a good and entertainment movie, it is highly recommended. Despite its story has a few stereotype situations and occurring events, it has a good production with epic action scenes. Besides, Wonder Woman in the hands of Gal Gadot can shine by itself.

Now Warner Bros. and DC Comics have found the way and we hope they continue the same line in the upcoming Justice League, where heroes can be showed as they really are; like big heroes and great legends full of virtues and hope and forgetting silly jokes, weak plots and the necessity to show heroes like martyrs, humanised Gods and irreverent villains who have been sold as the new role models. What world needs now is more Wonder Women and less Harley Quinns.

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Patty Jenkins
  • Running Time: 141 minutes
  • Genre: Comic
  • Screenplay: Allan Heinberg
  • Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Elena Anaya, Connie Nielsen
  • Cinematography: Matthew Jensen
  • Edition: Martin Walsh
  • Music: Rupert Gregson William
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 2017

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