Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2016

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Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick, Rob Zombie, Nicolas Winding Refn and Paul Schrader make part of main course of this new edition into its Official Section.

Voyage of Time is the first documentary by Terrence Malick, which was filmed with 45 Imax footage. It is a new director’s excuse to answer transcendent questions about the origin of our life and our interaction with our space. Being a kind of collage film, its story is an intend to exemplify the Universe History through some powerful images. The movie has two versions: Imax (45 minutes of running time) and 35 millimetre feature-length edition. The first one is narrated by Brad Pitt, and second one (90 minute of running time) narrated by Cate Blanchett. Voyage of Time will be exhibited in a Special Section. Sitges has said it is, maybe, the most ambition director project and highly experimental movie.


In this same section will be the latest fiction film by Werner Herzog (his film number 19 in fiction), a thriller starred by Michael Shannon and Gael García Bernal who play a scientific and an executive for a big company, respectively, who must resolve their tension and working together to avoid a possible disaster provoked by volcanic eruption. Salt & Fire was filmed in Bolivia and Germany. It is actually a mix of drama and thriller with an ecological background. The Mexican actor has a double performance in this film festival, because he is the main role in Jonás Cuarón movie Desierto (Desert).


One of the most important premieres comes from France with Grave (Raw) by Julia Ducournau, one of the most surprising horror film during this year. The teenage Justine needs to find out what is your real nature. From this same country, the programme includes Arès by Jean-Patrick Benes, where we can see a dystopian Paris, a city in poverty where violent combats  and with no restrictions, broadcasted on TV, are sold as the only escape for population.

Operation Avalanche

Talking about conspiracies, Matt Johnson (The Dirties) is back in Sitges with Operation Avalanche, where four CIA agents is infiltrated in NASA in order to expose the biggest American’s conspiracies. Fantastic elements are in Mon Ange by Harry Cleven, the film about romance between an invisible boy and blind girl. Lovers of Johnny Depp will able to watch to this actor in Youga Hosers, a fantastic comedy. In the other hand, fan lovers of beautiful Anne Hathaway can see her in Colossal, the latest movie by Nacho Vigalondo, a story about the strange connection between a girl with psychological problems and the attack of a monster that is terrorizing the city of Seoul.

A monster calls

The anticipated A Monster Calls (J.A. Bayona), the story of a 12 year old boy who must get past his mother’s disease with the help of a monster, has been also included as well Museum by Keishi Ohtomo, an adaptation of a popular manga, which was first published in 2013 in Japan. The film tells the story of an investigation of a series of grotesque murders that always take place during rainy days.

Sitges 2016 will take place next 7-16 October.

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