Pearl, a virtual reality and 360 degree short film by Google is an Oscar Nominee

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This is the first time a virtual reality short film is nominated at the Oscar Awards.


In 2013, Google released Spotlight Stories, an incredible initiative to stimulate the development of new fiction narratives under 360º recording technique and all possibilities it offers to move audience from passive to active.

Take fiction stories into another level was the goal and since then the giant American technology company has been uploading short projects (there are five short films in total) that have been learning to filmmakers and enthusiasts that it is really possible to tell a story with whole meaning by using this technique that is considered for some people as “the real future of cinema”.

One of the successful cases have been “Pearl”, a project directed by animator Patrick Osborne, who has worked as animator in movies like “Bolt”, “Big Hero 6” and “Wreck-it Ralph”, besides winning an Oscar Award for the short film “Feast”.

What makes Pearl very singular from the rest with the same nature is its emotional story. We know the relationship between a father and his sister since the little girl was a child and become a woman. The story has always a meeting place: their familiar car, a 1983 Chevy. This way, we watch different moments of their lives during 24 years. In this old and beloved car they have traveled through United States. They call it “Pearl”, the title of the short film. This is a road movie about life, love, dreams and sacrifices. Sarah, the daughter we see grow up, inherits from her father the passion for music, so she wants to succeed with that.

Everytime you watch “Pearl” you want to discover new details of its story because you can choose a different perspective. The immersive experience in this case is quite rewarding.

Google has offered its engineers to work together some experts in the subject for releasing on Google’s Spotlight Stories short films like demos. Well-known directors like Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) or Disney legend Glen Keane have participated in this initiative.

Pearl is in race together to other four short films, among them Disney production “Piper” and a project that was created by two Pixar Animations workers who, during their free times, made “Borrowed Times”, a story for adults and very touching that has gotten numerous awards worldwide.

The Oscar Awards ceremony will be held next February 26th.

Enjoy Pearl short film right now!

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