Patty Jenkins, the first woman to direct a comic film in history and successfully

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Since the 20s, the silent era of cinema, industry has adapted comic and superheroes stories. “The Mark of Zorro”, “Don Q, Son of Zorro” and “The Bold Caballero” are the first records in history.

First adapted film, to big screen, of one character from DC Comics was materialised in 1951 with “Superman and the Mole Men”, starring George Reeves. This way, first movie based on Marvel comic was “Howard the Duck” in 1986. Both of them in live-action.

Between both leaders of this genre more than 70 feature films have been made only to date and all of them directed by male directors. The same way the world had to wait 80 years in Oscar Awards history to see a woman receiving a prize as best director (Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker in 2009), we had to wait many decades to see in a director’s chair to a woman directing a superhero film.

The achievement is by Patricia “Patty” Lea Jenkins, a new director who has only prior film before Wonder Woman; her debut film “Monster” (2003), that got several awards and made Charlize Theron won her only Oscar Award as Best Leading Role.

Together to Gal Gadot, who performances to Diana Prince or superheroine Wonder Woman, are the queens of worldwide box office these days. Wonder Woman has reached almost 245 million dollars during the first eight days and it story has convinced as critic as fans completely.

One of things have liked the most in Wonder Woman is the way as Jenkins has recreated all dark universe and devastation of war, giving them a correct mystery and showing much desolation. Jenkins used two sources for that. First one, thanks to her father who was a military in US Army, she grow up in the middle of military bases and all the environment that surrounds combatants. The second one, she was a fan of directors Elia Kazan, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Both details are not insignificant and can explain much about you can see in the film. Jenkins has also said she is a fan of Superman and that this character has influenced even her life in certain way.

Before starting her direction studies, Jenkins worked as camera assistant in some projects and commercials. Her moment for her directorial debut came after knowing well the case of Alieen Carol Wuornos, a woman who worked in prostitution and became a serial killer. She was sentenced to death in 1991 and after 10 years in jail was executed by lethal injection. In the middle of this case, director began to write the story and wrote to Wuornos in order to get some legal rights aspects and knowing other details of her story. The answer came one day before of her execution and Jenkins received all her personal letters. This way, she understood the sentenced woman wanted that her story was told.

This film, her debut one, was premiered 14 years before being involved in Wonder Woman. The long wait to return to film direction was due she felt the necessity to give some space before getting emotionally with another project, something that it is very exhausting to her. During that time, she directed some episodes of four series and was in talks to direct “Thor: The Dark World”, but some differences with studio didn’t let it.

In an interview to CBS, Patty Jenkins talked about the evident differences with other origin films about superheroes because of the female nature of the character. She also remembered that Wonder Woman doesn’t like fights and for that reason combat scenes are more static, more artistic and very similar to movements of martial arts. Jenkins told production made a movie that wants to teach love and truth in today’s world. Described Diane character as incredible and about the message said it is about to lay down the arms and believe in the best of the others.

After the historic box office opening, the sequel is a guarantee. Warner Bros. will enter into negotiations with director, because the only signed for a second part and next DC Comics productions is Gal Gadot. The results of Wonder Woman plays in favor to Jankens for now and we are happy for that.

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