Nocturnal Animals, after winning in Venice releases first trailer

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Fashion designer Tom Ford made his debut in 2009 when he premiered “A Single Man”, feature film which Colin Firth got his first Oscar Nomination. Now, he is ready to release his second movie, an adaptation entitled Nocturnal Animals, that has just been the winner of Grand Jury Prize in Venice International Film Festival.


As happened with last film, Ford has directed and written this adaptation, a novel that is a book inside a book by Austin Wright and whose original title is Tony & Susan. Nocturnal Animals is a romantic thriller that explores all limits between love and brutality, between revenge and redemption, co-stars by Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams.

Amy Adams plays Susan Morrow, a woman with a privileged life, but she feels incomplete together to her husband Hutton Morrow. During a usual husband’s travels for work, she receives an unexpected package. It is a book called Nocturnal Animals written by Edward Sheffield (plays by Jake Gyllenhaal), her ex-husband. Susan has kept contact with his during all these years. Edward sent his novel with a note where invites her to read and meeting when he visits her city. One night, alone, she stars to read the novel that has been dedicated to her.

In director’s statements American director explains he sees Nocturnal Animals as a kind of warning to reconcile with choices we make along life and taking the consequences they cause. “Nocturnal Animals is a cautionary tale about coming to terms with the choices that we make as we move through life and of the consequences that our decisions may have. In an increasingly disposable culture where everything including our relationships can be so easily tossed away, this is a story of loyalty, dedication and of love. It is a story of the isolation that we all feel, and of the importance of valuing the personal connections in life that sustain us”.

So, we leave Susan’s life and enter in book story that far away of being a romantic tale, it has a violent and heartbreaking content. As she moves in the reading, Susan removes her past with the writer and, what is seems a lost love, it awakes.

With “A Single Man”, Ford displayed good abilities as director as screenwriter, and it results quite interesting that he doesn’t begin his writing process with words. On contrary, he begins looking for images. He looks for images for his characters and places they are going to cohabit. Once he got them, he writes the screenplay with all the details he has previously seen. Tom Ford has also said the adaptation remains faithful to book, despite there are some elements make exclusively for movie, as well the world of characters is totally different.

Nocturnal Animals has been reinterpreted for this director with an early solid career. Austin’s story takes place, here, in a current time, settled in western Texas. Tom Ford says Susan is a woman who has everything but is unhappy, so he needed an actress with a great level and able to convey very different emotions. About the decision of selecting Amy Adams in the main role, he explained his choice: “because of her spectacular ability to telegraph emotion without dialogue but with just her face and soulful eyes. Amy is truly a great actress. There is something in her eyes that feels raw, and truthful”. With regard the another Oscar Award nomination actor, Jake Gyllenhall, Ford admitted that what he likes the most about this actor is all risks he makes in his roles. “I was drawn to Jake for the part of Edward/Tony because I admire the risks that Jake takes in his performances. This was a tough and emotionally demanding role. I felt that Jake would do a brilliant job and I was certainly not let down”.

Casting is completed by a group of well-known versatile actors like Michael Shannon, Isla Fisher and Michael Sheen. Returning the shooting of the film, other locations were the surroundings of Mojave desert, Malibu, Pasadena, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, besides production moved to New York, where Susan and Edward life was settled.

Few weeks after Nocturnal Animals won the Jury Prize, we are knowing the first theatrical trailer, where we can confirm some references to David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock cinema, that was noted by critics in this event.

The movie has been also programmed at Toronto Film Fest, now close to its end. There some experts have emphasized in director’s abilities to adapt this story, although some others, like Screen Crush, said it is an overblown movie with a dazzling look that is compelling to watch.

The release date is November 18th in USA.

* Material Courtesy: TIFF and United International Pictures Col

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