Museum of the Moving Image will make Colombia Pictures series

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Museum of the Moving Image in Queen, New York, will make a Colombia Pictures Series next September 11th.

Colombian cinema has had a significant growth during the last three years specially. In fact, it was during last 2015 that broke historic milestone for its cinematography: it got the first nomination for Best Foreign Feature Film in Oscar (for Embrace of a Serpent), and its first Caméra d’or (Golden Camera) for the best first feature film by César Augusto Acevedo (The Land and Shade) in Cannes Film Festival. Since 1978 only three more times a Latin America movie has gotten this international award.

One of the production company that has been decisive to the time of internationalizing its cinema has been Burning Blue, which was founded by Diana Bustamante, Jorge Forero and Paola Pérez in 2010. Bustamante is also the current artistic director of Cartagena International Film Festival, the oldest Latin American cinematographic event, while Forero is a director who recently premiered his first feature film.

The Museum of The Moving Image in association with Cinema Tropical and the Colombian International Film Festival in New York City, will be presenting three of its most important titles, including the feature film by Jorge Forero Violencia (Violence). The organization has recognized the importance of this production company by saying that “Burning Blue is one of the key players in the current renaissance of Colombia cinema… It has rapidly become of Colombia’s leading film production companies, focusing on projects with strong aesthetic and narrative elements, particularly from first time directors”.

The three titles are:

The Wind Journeys (Sunday, September 11, 2:00pm)

It is the second movie by the Oscar nominated director Ciro Guerra that tells the story of Ignacio, an accordionist who lives in a small town and embarks in a journey, after the death of his wife, to return the instrument to its proper owner.

Violence (Sunday, September 11, 4:30pm)

Jorge Forero will be in the place introducing his debut film that tells three stories that portrait how is living in a war-town country. Three different people, three different vision of violence.

Los Hongos (Sunday, September 11, 7:00pm)

Directed by Óscar Ruiz Navia it is a movie of the energy of young people. People who find a liberation mood through rap music and street art. Ras and Calvi are two artist who make a revolutionary statements by altering their surroundings.

Tickets can be purchased the same day of exhibitions or can be ordered online. Ticket cost is $12 per movie. (Buy here)

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