Logan Review. The best story of X-Men saga and great farewell from Hugh Jackman

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– Logan: Who is she?
– Charles Xavier: She’s like you, very much like you. She needs our help.

By Camilo Bohórquez (@cabobe)

Movie stars and during first minutes we see a tired man who walks stooped, disheveled, with gray hair and wrinkles on his face, his eyes are just speaking about how hopelessness he feels. He doesn’t sleep and drinks alcohol a lot in an attempt to cope with the grief. Now, he has an ordinary job, trying to raise money. When arrives to home receives claims from the man who is taking care to his old and now senile friend. The years gone by and what once was one of the most important mutants in universe has left. That man we are seeing is Logan, known as Wolverine in the past.

During 2015 San Diego Comic Con, while Fox boasted about its own mutant universe with the team of “Fantastic Four” (that was a resounding failure), the team of X-Men Apocalypse (with a weak reception), the team of Gambit (that after three years is unknown the date of filming) and the team of Deadpool (the only became a big success), it was released a black & white picture that sadden to fans. It included a text with words “One last time”. It was the way to inform that Hugh Jackman would played Wolverine for last time. It would be his farewell.

Wolverine, a character created as villain for Hulk comic in 1974, is so famous thanks to his great power and his strong personality as a brigand boy with a dark and bitter past, but safe the world although he is not able to safe himself. It is one of the successful characters by Marvel Comics, being essential in some key moments. In fact, he has had some of the most impressive comics into this universe and has made team with different superheros and other villains. His popularity is spread when a television series was released in 90s. The jump to the cinema was ten years later with X-Men franchise and the good performance by Hugh Jackman.

It is thanks to this Australian actor and his commitment with this character that Wolverine’s fans have increased in all X-Men movies. This has been the only character with solo films that, although they had not fulfilled expectations entirely, the reasons have never been for Jackman’s role. Wolverine is a fundamental part on mutant universe on cinema and today we have to say goodbye together to Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, who announced that it would be also his last time too few days ago.

Logan film is based on the successful story of “Old Man Logan”, and it is a movie that closes the story of this character perfectly. For some licenses issues and the way as this universe has been adapted for X-Men franchise, Logan film is a very free adaptation of Old Man Logan and takes only some ideas. But anything of that really matters, this movie is clear and concise and gets the same feelings than comic.

Logan is the more accurate movie from the 10 movies of  entire X-Men saga, its dark tone and its high dose of violence (it has R-Rated thanks to Deadpool success and Jackman’s effective pressures), let us to see the real nature of Wolverine, because although he is retired and tired, he has already a lot to show. It is a complete story with a clear approach so audience doesn’t need to know about all details of last movies of the saga, besides, it has few main characters which people can concentrate and create empathy with all them. Wolverine appears together to Caliban, Charles Xavier and Laura, best known as X-23 in comics and who gets a doses of surprise and applauses from fans.

Although action scenes and cinematography made a great job, the greatest merit of Logan is to offer a more transcendental story that is linked to own conflicts of Wolverine. We don’ have here the typical and recurring scheme of last superhero films where the hero safes princess and kills the villain, or the another formula of last X-Men movies where hero becomes a villain and, at the end, comes back as hero and…. happy ending! Logan talks about the crisis after an entire life of violence, unhappiness, the importance of family and friendship, enjoy the little things of life, the hope, the responsibility of our actions, the responsibility with our environment, the loss and sacrifice.

Hugh Jackman after 17 years says good-bye and makes him with honor. Fans and general audience will be grateful always. Jackman will be Wolverine forever. Logan has many qualities and uses references from other movies like “Little Miss Sunshine”, “The Wrestler” and some westerns. As director has said, Logan breaks traditional superhero schemes showing that it is still possible to tell this kind of stories in different ways, proving comics are not only a child’s play but they have complex topics that can be told better. Logan is an adult story, the story of a superhero as human, real and mortal as we are.

Tranlastion from Spanish: Sandra M. Ríos (@sandritamrios)

Cast & Crew

  • Director: James Mangold
  • Genre: cómic
  • Duración: 137 minutes
  • Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen
  • Music: Marco Belrami
  • Edition: Michael McCusker
  • Cinematography: John Mathieson
  • Country: Estados Unidos
  • Year: 2017

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