Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix will release The Ivory Game documentary

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As executive co-producer Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix are going to release “The Ivory Game”, a documentary that exposes the dark world behind the ivory illegal trade.


The Ivory Game has already premiered in the recent Toronto International Film Festival in its section “International premieres”, and this week, feature film will be exhibited at IFC Center in NY. After that, it will be available on Netflix starting from November 4th.

For that reason, production released few days ago the official trailer and poster under the slogan “The hunt for the hunter begins”. Vulcan Productions and Red Bull’s Terra Master Film Studios make this movie under the direction of Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson, both filmmakers work together in the documentary “The Devil’s Miner” in 2005.

The Ivory Game was undercover project which took 16 months where they move to some regions of Asia and Africa. There, they could record what they have called “the deep-rooted corruption at the heart of the global ivory trafficking crisis”.

Production reached this dark trade thanks to different organizations, activists, whistleblowers, and high-level conservationists who have the goal to expose and bring all down: traffickers, poachers and corrupt Governments who are the main threat to elephants.

“A torch-bearing film, The Ivory Game will inspire both outrage and hope, marking a turning point in mankind’s relationship with the greatest land mammal on Earth”, said the production.

Numbers of the Great Elephant Census are quite alarming: Elephants population in African savanna has fallen 30% in 15 to 18 countries where census took place. Numbers indicate that it has accelerated since 2007. Despite 48% of these mammals are in forest conservation areas, they are being attacked in these regions as well.

The Ivory Game is a kind of thriller documentary and some people have indicated it uses clever tools and hidden cameras in order to show us all the horror behind this trade. Besides, it lets to meet a series of anonymous heroes who are trying to fight the ivory trafficking. Thom Powers in Toronto Film Festival website said: “The fight against the illegal ivory trade doesn’t only take place on the front lines. Anyone can play a role by raising a voice to devalue ivory as a commodity and pressuring politicians to enforce bans. This film is a powerful tool in that cause”.

*Image credit: Courtesy of TIFF

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