Kristen Stewart, 5 independent films that have transformed her career

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Kristen Stewart is one of young Hollywood actresses who media follows all time. Her appearance, her unfortunate passage through Twilight saga, her relationship with Robert Pattinson, the other main character of this adaptation, her personality which is a strange mix between shyness and rebelliousness and her gay declaration, have been enough issues to keep her in the news. Since 2014, a series of performances in some independent feature films have given another direction to her career.

The actress who born in 1990 in L.A. was known internationally when she participated in the adaptation of Twilight Trilogy (2008), written by Stephenie Meyer, where she played the mortal Bella Swan and stole the heart of young moviegoers. But for the rest, she left a lot to be desired for her “lack of spirit or lack of expressivity. Her coldness was just justified for being a gothic story, but the same performance was seen in next movies like The Runaways, Snow White & The Huntsman and Camp X-Ray.

But in 2014 everything changed. The well-known French director Olivier Assayas premiered in Cannes (in the official competition) “Clouds of Sils Maria” – by the way, it is one of the most best films of that year -, where the veteran Juliette Binoche shared set with Stewart. The movie was a success and the role of Kristen surprised to all her critics, besides she received 16 nominations and won six of them given for Cesar Awards (French Oscars) and Association of Critics in New York, London and Florida. The actress left to appear in Top about most hated actors or making part of list of the worst film scenes. In France, Kristen Stewart was received like a diva and that recognition made her to become the first American Actress to win a French Award.  So, Kristen was making a radical change to her career.

Olivier Assayas, in fact, worked with her again in his most recent movie “Personal Shopper”. This time Stewart had the main character and the director won an award for best director. The actress got some positive comments, despite movie got some boos. However, Assayas made clear up any doubt in a recent interview for Screen Daily where he said: “Kristen has an infinitely larger range than many actresses of her generation. She has an inner depth coupled with a spontaneity and naturalness that sets her apart. She also has an innate understanding of cinema that makes me believe she could succeed at directing too”.

Indeed, during a tribute organized by New York Film festival, “A Night with Kristen Stewart”, the actress told that she was exploring as director and had ready her short-film “Come Swin” that is based on a poem she wrote three years ago, but when it can be watched is unknown yet.

After the unquestionable opportunity received for Assayas, Stewart has worked and has been shaped for other important filmmakers like Woody Allen, Ang Lee, Tim Blake and Drake Doremus. So, film industry is looking at her with other eyes and specialized press is now seduced for each new steps she is doing.

These are the 5 independent (or semi-independent) films that have transformed her career as an actress.

1. Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

Here, Kristen is Valentine, the personal assistant of Maria Enders, and international actress who is entering the twilight of her career. The efficient Valentine talks to her about new job opportunity in the adaptation of a movie that made her popular but in another role. Both goes to mountains to prepare and decide about this job, while they talk about their lives, acting career and other thoughts. Kristen took advantage of being so close to Binoche and was equally important to this veteran for this story.

2. Still Alice (2014)

In Still Alice, movie that represented an Oscar Award for Best Actress for Julianne Moore, Stewart played Lydia, a daughter and an actress student of a mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer and lives her own process of resistance and acceptance of this illness.

3. Certain Women (2016)

Here, she shared set with a fantastic casting that included to Laura Dern and Michelle Williams. Even though Kristen has not received a nomination for this role yet, the independent feature film is considered one of the important productions of this year. In fact, it has already won a recognition for Best Film at London Film Festival and has been nominated in three categories at the Gotham Awards. Stewart is Beth Travis, a lesbian who studies laws and has a loving relationship. Certain Women is a powerful story of three women who struggle with different situations. Another two are a mother who wants to build the home of her dreams and a lawyer in the middle of a tension with hostages who have been taken for an unsatisfied customer.

4. Personal Shopper (2016)

In Personal Shopper Stewart plays Maureen in a kind of thriller about a young girl that alternates her job as personal shopper of a model with a medium who contacts with her twin brother who died few months ago.

5. Cafe Society (2016)

Kristen is Veronica in the last success by Wood Allen. She is an attractive and lovely secretary whom Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) falls in love at first sight, despite she has boyfriend. Cafe Society is settled in a New York from 30s, where this guy is wishing to escape from his particular family trying his luck in Hollywood.

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