[Gallery] Visit to Laika Studios, a reference for stop motion – Laika Experience

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Laika Studios is a young company in animation industry that is specialized in the laborious and beautiful technique of stop motion. The company is present in the market since 2005.

Since then, Studios Laika have released four feature animated films in association with Universal Pictures: Coraline; Paranorman; The Boxtrolls; and Kubo and The Two Strings.

Laika Studios have been dedicated to continue all tradition behind stop motion that is also known as the traditional animation, a handmade technique to simulate motion of static objects under shot picture captures. This technique uses rigid inanimate figures, clay objects or puppets. Laika Studios’ mission is to continue this tradition with more than 100 years of history, by making innovative and emotional films. The co-founder of Nike brand is the owner of Laika, Phil Knight.

Knight was involved in this company when Studios Will Vinton, created at the end of 70s, was seeking external investment. This another company was also specialized in claymation and was founded by American director Will Vinton. After the studio lost control, Laika Studios was created in 2005. The rest is well-known and successful history.

All its movies released until now have an Oscar Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film and studio has received many awards in other important scenarios like Annie Awards, dedicated to this genre, or Annecy Film Festival specialized in animation.

Laika Experience

Until next Sunday, company is offering the “Laika Experience” tour in San Diego, California. Fans can know details about animation process, the figure making, to see the original objects and models used in its films. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy rare goods from the company.

Laika Studios is working in its new animated movie, but the title is unknown yet. For now, the release date has been set to May, 2018

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