Details of Good Time, the film which Robert Pattinson achieved surprise at Cannes

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One of the most acclaimed films at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival was Good time, a production by brothers Joshua and Ben Safdie and starring Robert Pattinson, who should have been the winner according some critics. In fact, his performance has been compared with the one Al Pacino did in “Dog Day Afternoon” as Sonny Wortzik. So, with this news about Pattinson, it seems his bad performances are a thing of the past.

Good Time was in the official competition for the Palme d’Or, but it got the Cannes Soundtrack Award, an independent recognition given by the jury to one feature film in the main category.

Good Time is settled in Queens where two brothers are involved in a robbery that goes badly. Connie gets to escape, but his brother, Nick, is arrested. While Connie is trying to raise the bail in order to release his brother, he has another offer: to escape. Adrenaline night starts on the outskirts of New York.

Production has described Good Time as a frenetic story where two people are trying to escape from the system. Director Josh has said the fast pace of the film happens because the are obsessed with characters who live the present and besides, they consider the time is our worst enemy. In the case of the movie, characters don’t know what is going to happen next day or even next minutes.

Safdie brothers are also obsessed with other thing besides time. In the past, they are talked about marginalized people, people forgotten in certain way. Both concentrated that topic with a characters who represent those Americans who are different and, whose sense of present time is linked with intrigue and story. Josh Safdie also has explained that the more you focus on things like danger and sense of urgency the more the film turns to something he has called a neo-thriller.

The same production recognized that this is the best performance to date for actor Robert Pattinson who got this role for an ask by himself. The actor who born in Los Angeles was delighted when he watched brothers four feature film “Heaven Knows What” (2014) and decided to watch their rest of their films. Finally, he met them and told he wanted to be part of their next project. That project was already on its way and the filming was set to 2018. “Uncut Gems” will have as executive producer to Martin Scorsese, but directors considered Pattinson didn’t fit in that production, so they planned a new idea focused on this actor exclusively and wrote a screenplay together to Ronald Bronstein.

Pattinson’s character, Constantine “Connie” Nikas, was a little bit inspired on antiheroes of 70s in cinema and Queens was recreated with all energy we can feel in classic “Saturday Night Fever”. This character has some aspects of personality of the same actor because it was important to them to give realism to this feature film. Robert Pattinson has told that Safdie brothers sent a very complete biography of Connie Nikas in order to understand entirely all the things that motivated his current situation and the one that unleashes all the plot.

The soundtrack that received an award at Cannes was in charged of Daniel Lopatin, who used modern electronic pieces and was inspired on progressive rock by British Steve Hillage and the favorite group of directors, Tangerine Dream, among others.

It is the third time Safdie brothers attend Cannes, last time was at Director’s Fortnight Section with his directorial debut “The Pleasure of Being Robbed” (2007) and their second feature film “Daddy Longlegss” (2010).

Good Time will be on US theaters next August 11th and its cast is completed with Barkhad Abdi (the pirate in Captain Phillips) and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Credits for content, images and trailer: Cannes Film Festival Press.

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