Deadpool, the most searched movie in Google during 2016 – Top 10 Film Ranking

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Today is the second day of 2017 and there is still a lot of film rankings to mention. One of those come from Google Trends that during the last years shows the most searched keywords in different categories like people, news, events, films, among others.

Talking about cinema, the film of the irreverent Marvel superhero Deadpool appears as the most searched movie worldwide during 2016 in this search engine. The comic and comedy adaptation was catapulted at the first position of this ranking thanks to Mexican audience who were the moviegoers that searched more information about this successful production. Other Latin American countries joined to this trend like El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

It has been the first time that Marvel uses to Deadpool in the center of the story into this cinematic universe. This unlikely superhero with multiple personality has became in one of the most charismatic anti-heros because his dark sense of humor, his usual references to pop culture and his daring way to communicate directly with his audience, breaking the fourth wall.

20th Century Fox set this story as a little movie with a moderated budget of 58 million and it has collected 783 million. Deadpool got a R-rated classification and it became in the second domestic lifetime gross of all time into this MPAA Rating just below “The Passion of Christ” that remains unshakeable since 2004.

With this great number in the box office the sequel is a reality. The fresh news say that after some delays 20th Century Fox would be ready to start filming at the middle of this year. Tim Miller will not repeat as director after some “creative differences” with Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Deadpool, giving the way to David Leitch who has directed second units and designed some scenes in movies like Thor The Dark Side, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Another news leaked to media confirm that Deadpool will be in the final credits of Logan, the anticipated movie of 2017 that would be the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Logan will be on theaters next March 3.

Rest Most Searched Movies in Google during 2016

In the Top 10 Ranking the second place is for Suicide Squad, maybe the greatest film disappointment of 2016. It was a very anticipated film, with a huge marketing deployment and with an exhausting quantity of spots and trailers that it even didn’t like a Jared Leto, one of co-stars, who had generated great expectation with the return to another Joker and finished fading away in a cameo. Leto blamed to Warner Bros. by saying that they didn’t let to grow his character and his contract had talked about a more important character.

In the third place appears The Revenant, the film that made history because it gave Leonardo DiCaprio his very elusive Oscar Award for Best Actor. The Revenant also represents a record for Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu who was nominated in the main categories at Oscar Awards two consecutive years: the movie mention in this publication released in 2015 and Birdman (2014).

Mel Gibson also appears in this worldwide ranking with his film Hacksaw Ridge, a biographic war drama settled in the Second World War that is star Andrew Garfield. The film directed by Gibson has received good accolades and got three nominations at Golden Globe 2017 for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor, besides it has been ranked as one of the Best 10 Movies of 2016 according to American Film Institute.

Disney Animations is on the list too with two of its productions released in 2016: Finding Dory and Zootopia, both of them about animals stories and both on the list of Best 2016 Worldwide Grosses surpassing the 1-billion barrier (Finding Dory at the position number 2 and Zootopia the third one).

Finally, we want to mention to The Conjuring 2, the horror movie most watched worldwide in 2016 and another decent effort by James Wan to surprise us with the stories of this genre about phantoms and haunted houses.

Here the complete ranking of The Most Searched For Movies of 2016 in Google:

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