Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2016

Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick, Rob Zombie, Nicolas Winding Refn and Paul Schrader make part of main course of this new edition into its Official Section.

Voyage of Time is the first documentary by Terrence Malick, which was filmed with 45 Imax footage. It is a new director’s excuse to answer transcendent questions about the origin of our life and our interaction with our space. Being a kind of collage film, its story is an intend to exemplify the Universe History through some powerful images. The movie has two versions: Imax (45 minutes of running time) and 35 millimetre feature-length edition. The first one is narrated by Brad Pitt, and second one (90 minute of running time) narrated by Cate Blanchett. Voyage of Time will be exhibited in a Special Section. Sitges has said it is, maybe, the most ambition director project and highly experimental movie.

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