Museum of the Moving Image will make Colombia Pictures series

Museum of the Moving Image in Queen, New York, will make a Colombia Pictures Series next September 11th.

Colombian cinema has had a significant growth during the last three years specially. In fact, it was during last 2015 that broke historic milestone for its cinematography: it got the first nomination for Best Foreign Feature Film in Oscar (for Embrace of a Serpent), and its first Caméra d’or (Golden Camera) for the best first feature film by César Augusto Acevedo (The Land and Shade) in Cannes Film Festival. Since 1978 only three more times a Latin America movie has gotten this international award.

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Jackie, first English-language film by Chilean Pablo Larraín is a hit in Venice Film Fest

Chilean director Pablo Larraín has made a strong career in a short period of time relatively . All his movies have been internationally recognized. His film No, which received a nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2013, finished opening his option worldwide. Today was the turn to premiere his latest feature film, Jackie, in Venice Film Festival.

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Condorito, most popular Latin America comic book in a movie adaptation for 2017

Post updated. See below.

20th Century Fox finally confirmed, last April, the adaptation of this comic book in an animated film that will be released in October 2017.

Under direction by British Alex Orrelle (animation director in Yogi Bear) and Peruvian Eduardo Schuldt (The entity), and two hands script written by Martin Piroyansky and Ishai Ravid, the movie will revolve around the most beloved character of Pelotillehue.

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Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

— Love Story, 1970