Last Flag Flying, new Richard Linklater’s film (Boyhood) will open the NYFF 2017

The new feature film by director of the acclaimed “Boyhood” will be premiered at The 54th New York Film Festival before its release in US theaters next November.


Last Flag Flying is a novel that writer Darryl Ponicsa wrote (in 2005) as a continuation of his first debut novel “The Last Detail” (1970), that was adapted into a film, two years later, by Hals Ashby and starring Jack Nicholson which he won his first Palme d’Or and his third Oscar Award.

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Watch the trailer for Everything, first video game eligible for Oscar Awards in its Animated Short Film

We have already seen how virtual reality is making headway in most important festivals and film awards in industry. This year, for example, art installation of VR by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, Carne y Arena, was exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival in a special section. This way, we saw a Google animated short film, Pearl, being nominated at the Academy Awards, the Oscars. As Cannes as Academy was the first time a VR project was included on their lists.

Now, the possible turn is for a video game that has already won the jury prize at the Vienna Shorts Festival.

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Patty Jenkins, the first woman to direct a comic film in history and successfully

Since the 20s, the silent era of cinema, industry has adapted comic and superheroes stories. “The Mark of Zorro”, “Don Q, Son of Zorro” and “The Bold Caballero” are the first records in history.

First adapted film, to big screen, of one character from DC Comics was materialised in 1951 with “Superman and the Mole Men”, starring George Reeves. This way, first movie based on Marvel comic was “Howard the Duck” in 1986. Both of them in live-action.

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Details of Good Time, the film which Robert Pattinson achieved surprise at Cannes

One of the most acclaimed films at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival was Good time, a production by brothers Joshua and Ben Safdie and starring Robert Pattinson, who should have been the winner according some critics. In fact, his performance has been compared with the one Al Pacino did in “Dog Day Afternoon” as Sonny Wortzik. So, with this news about Pattinson, it seems his bad performances are a thing of the past.

Good Time was in the official competition for the Palme d’Or, but it got the Cannes Soundtrack Award, an independent recognition given by the jury to one feature film in the main category.

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Birds of a Passage the new film by Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego finished the filming

With the new production by Ciro Guerra (Embrace of a Serpent), the director and production house Ciudad Lunar led by Cristina Gallego returned to La Guajira where they filmed in the past their other feature film “The Wind Journeys”.

Birds of a Passage (Pájaros de Verano) also represents the launching of Cristina Gallego as film director, co-directing this new movie.

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Aftermath, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the skin of a victim and murder Vitaly Kaloyev

Arnold Schwarzenegger was unstoppable during the last seven years, time during which we have watched him on “The Expandables” saga, the sequel of “Terminator”, among other action films. Last year, we had a little break, and now will be premiered two new productions: the Russian movie “Viy 2: Journey to China” and “Aftermath”, where he is the main character.

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Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar will be President of the Jury at Cannes 2017

Most prominent figure from Spanish Cinema Pedro Almodóvar will be the next President of the Jury at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.


This is the first time Almodóvar will preside this event, but in the past, he was jury member in 1992, when the president was the actor Gérad Depardieu.

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Pearl, a virtual reality and 360 degree short film by Google is an Oscar Nominee

This is the first time a virtual reality short film is nominated at the Oscar Awards.


In 2013, Google released Spotlight Stories, an incredible initiative to stimulate the development of new fiction narratives under 360º recording technique and all possibilities it offers to move audience from passive to active.

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Latin American Feature Films at 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Today starts a new edition of Sundance Film Festival with a catalogue that includes 118 productions. This year four Latin American feature films will be present in Utah.

These Latin American productions has been selected on World Dramatic Competition, a category that includes emerging filmmaking talents worldwide with “fresh perspectives and inventive styles” according explains the same film festival.

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They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!

— Braveheart, 1995