Aftermath, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the skin of a victim and murder Vitaly Kaloyev

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was unstoppable during the last seven years, time during which we have watched him on “The Expandables” saga, the sequel of “Terminator”, among other action films. Last year, we had a little break, and now will be premiered two new productions: the Russian movie “Viy 2: Journey to China” and “Aftermath”, where he is the main character.

“I am so excited to share the trailer for my upcoming film AFTERMATH exclusively here for the first time with all of you. See it in theaters and on demand April 7″, the actor wrote on his Fan Page in Facebook last week.

Aftermath is an independent film written in a thriller/drama mood that is inspired in real facts, telling a guilt and revenge story of an air traffic controller who makes an error that causes the death of several people, among them the wife and two daughters of a construction supervisor, Viktor, the character played by Arnold.

The real story Aftermath is based on Russian Vitaly Kaloyev, an architect who lost his wife and two children on a plane crash in July, 2002 when a Tupolev plane crashed unexpectedly with a Boeing-757 belonging to DHL company in the shores of Constance lake in Erlangen, Germany. When the investigation concluded that tragedy had been caused for a series of errors from air controller, this man swore revenge.

The air accident claimed 71 lives, among them 50 Russian children who traveled to Barcelona for vacations in a special program by UNESCO. The casualties belonged to both airplanes. Kaloyev’s wife and children had taken that flight to visit him in Barcelona, where he worked as builder of houses for wealthy Russian customers.

The investigation fell within SkyGuide, the company on charge of flight operations in Zürich during that fateful day. The eye of the storm was on Peter Nielsen, the employee and coordinator of air traffic management. Although company made all efforts to preserve his anonymity, press released his name, so, two years later, Kaloyev traveled to Switzerland and killed him in front of his pregnant wife and sons.

Few days later, Kaloyev was found in a bad condition in a hotel, he was put on trial and sentenced to 8 years in jail, which he only paid three. Some people said, it was for an effective Russian Government pressure and for his mental illness. When he returned to his country, Vitaly Kaloyev was received as a real national hero.

The air traffic controller will be played Scoot McNairy. In the cast also are: Maggie Grace and Martin Donovan.

Aftermath is a low-budget movie ($10.5 million) that is directed by Elliot Lester, who in the past directed to actor Jason Statham in “Blitz” and David Oyelowo in “Nightingale”, a TV movie for HBO.

Aftermath will be on theaters under the distribution of Lionsgate Premiere in US.

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