7 actors who are going to debut as directors coming soon

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All actors we listed here have had as a long as successful film career. We are sure you know all of them and now they are joining to a long list of other actors (Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Cassey Affleck, Sarah Polley, Gary Oldman, Diego Luna, Tommy Lee Jones, Joddy Foster, Sean Penn and so on) who in some moment of their lives have wanted to try film directing. Most of these actors will debut with adaptations or remakes. Here the 7 actors who are going to debut as directors coming soon.

Ewan McGregor

Scottish actor who has been multi-winner for his roles in movies like “Moulin Rouge” and “The Ghost Writer” has decided to make his directorial debut with the adaptation of American Pastoral, the novel by Philip Roth first published in 1997.

American Pastoral film is starred by the same McGregor together to Jennifer Connely and Dakota Fanning. It is the story of an American family that becomes destabilised when the daughter gets lost after being charged for a violent act. His father, Seymour Levov, is a former Jewish athlete who begins to search her, but this search will break the foundation of their lives in the middle of social and political turbulence in 60s.

Movie has been premiered in some major Film Festivals where Dakota Fanning has been listed as one of the anticipated actress for Award Season 2017. American Pastoral will be in US theaters next October 21st.

Brie Larson

Californian actress gained international notoriety when she starred the wonderful adaptation of “Room”. The Oscar Award winner for her great interpretation on this film is ready to make her debut as a director with an independent comedy entitled “Unicorn Store”.

Brie Larson will have also a role in the movie that has not been defined yet. It is an original story written by Samantha McInty about Kit, a woman who returns to parent’s home and discovering a card of a store that invites her to test out her ideas about what really grow means.

Project is in early stage right now, so there is not a date for its release.

Paul Dano

The great actor Paul Dano, one of the most versatile Hollywood actors, has opted also for an independent film and the adaptation of a novel. It is “Wildlife” written by American Richard Ford. The same Dano adapted the book with his couple, the actress and writer Zoe Kazan.

Wildlife is the story of a teenager who sees as parent’s marriage collapses after moving to Montana where his mother meets a man and fells in love. Neither Paul Dano nor Zoe Kazan will have a role in the movie.

Bradley Cooper

The directorial debut by Bradley Cooper will have the singer Lady Gaga in the main role. A Star is Born is the movie that has been supported by Warner Bros. The filming is going to begin in California in first months of 2017. The feature film is the fourth remake of this story, a romantic drama in Technicolor directed by William A. Wellman, starred Janet Gaynor and premiered in 1937. The original version won an Oscar Award for Best Screenplay. Second remake was played by Judy Garland and finally, we have to Barbra Streisand in a musical version of the film in 1976. Streisand won a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Although it is a movie with more remakes that it can resist, we’ll see what Cooper is able to reinvent with Lady Gaga to his side.

Kirsten Dunst

Beautiful Kirsten Dunst will be the director of The Bell Jar, the novel by poet Sylvia Plath. Actress will no have a role in her own movie, because she said she hates when an actor directs himself.

Dakota Fanning will have the main role. She will be Esther Greenwood, a young woman who is in her internship in a Magazine from New York, when she finishes, Grewnwood returns to her home in England and suffers a psychological crisis. The Bell Jar is set in fifties.

The novel had already been adapted in a movie directed by Larry Peerce in 1979. Kirsten Dunst has said the tone of this film will be a black comedy and will be ready for next year.

Jonah Hill

Will Jonah Hill direct a movie or not? The question is valid because since the beginning of this year has been announced his directorial debut. Well, the project has more shape now. It is an original story written by the same Jonah Hill and is set in skateboarding scene in 90s.

Movie title is Mid-90s and filming will start next February.

Demián Bichir

Mexican actor who got an Oscar Award nomination for his great role in “A Better Life” makes his debut as director with “Un cuento de circo & a Love Song”, the story of Refugio, a boy who born in a circus and embarks on the search of his first love from Mexico to New Orleans.

Un Cuento de Ciro & a Love Song will premiere in Morelia International Film Fest at the end of next month. Feature film is starred by the same Bichir, his nephew Jose Angel Bichir and Eva Longoria.

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